Prayer S: Prayer List
S: Morning Routine
Study S: Personal Study
Meditation S: Meditation
S: Morning Routine
Wisdom S: Wisdom
S: Journal
S: Mentors
Physical S: Exercise: P90 6x/wk
S: Diet: Lot's of fruits, vegatables and unprocessed food
S: Morning Routine
Becky S: Dialogue
S: Folder
Family Time S: Plan
Kids S: Meeting Schedule
Mom S: Dialogue
Household Ministry Plan S: Plan
Finances P: Project Sheet
Business S: Business Pull List
Projects S: Project Pull List
Cluster S: Purpose and Responsibilities
S: 2021 Plan and Goals
S: Households Goals
S: Meeting Schedule
S: Leadership Dialogue
Gilbert S: Gilbert Dialogue
S: Plan and Goals
Bloomington Heights S: BH Dialogue
S: Plan and Goals
16th Street S: 16th St. Dialogue
S: Plan and Goals
Squaw Creek S: Squaw Creek Dialogue
S: Plan and Goals
Leadership Mentoring S: Meeting Schedule
Training and Counselling
ADMCC/BILD My role at this level is as an advisor
Account Management
Culture and Standards
Architectural oversight team/process
Work on "release-at-will" Future item - not currently active
Customer Autonomy S: Project Sheet
Data Synchronization
Customer Autonomy project and squad
Customer Autonomy development plan (MBO)
Price Increase
Incubator and reporting
Making resources (data) available
Management S: Dialogue with Steve
S: Dialogue with TiLT
P: Management Report Changes
S: Management Report Process
P: Blue Team Retro
Learn Development Stack
DevOps Future item - not currently active
Counselling Resources S: Counselling Templates Folder
Management System Resources S: Block Schedule 2020-12
S: Management System Folder